We have determined the target market of our product to be exported.
You have completed the research and intelligence studies of your potential customers in current target markets.
So now, how will you ensure the first communication with the companies that we have information on?
First impression and communication are of great importance in exports as in every field. For this reason, it is the most important factor to be planned and careful in the first contact you will establish with the companies whose information you have accessed after long efforts.
Your first step should be to make your first contact with your potential customers over the phone. People will be more sensitive to e-mails from the person they are talking to. The most important reason for this will be not to get lost among the dozens of e-mails sent during the day, not to be deleted without being read, to send an e-mail to an address that is wrong or unrelated to the subject and not to wait for an answer that will never come. Identifying the right person and answering an e-mail that will be created in line with the spoken names will increase, you will have established the first communication, which is the first step of trade.

• Before calling the potential company, you must make a preliminary preparation about our speech.
• You should pay attention to the time of the country where we are calling and whether it is a holiday or not.
• Probably the first person to open our phone will be the operator of the switchboard. In short, you should ask your company to connect to an authority dealing with import issues by saying the name of your country and products.
• After contacting the person concerned, you should briefly introduce yourself and your company and ask whether they will be interested in your products.
• If a visit to the target market is planned, you must specify this issue as well, and make sure that the company being interviewed is not only themselves and that your company is given priority.
• It will make your job easier after taking short notes during the speech.
• If you receive a positive response from the person concerned, you should directly ask for his e-mail address, and send a short e-mail summarizing the subject shortly after your phone call.

• First of all, you should create a draft of the e-mail you send, check all the details and confirm whether there are spelling and grammatical errors.
• The e-mail you write must be sent from the company extension e-mail address. This is the first condition to ensure international reliability.
• Name, title, company name, address and logo should be included in the signature part of your e-mail. Your website and social media accounts must be linked.
• The e-mail to be written should be written on the attention of the person interviewed. It should not be like Dear Sir / Madam. Messages written in this way are generally deleted without consideration.
• The subject part of the e-mail must be interesting.
• The first e-mail should be short enough for the recipient to read until they press the delete button, and exaggerated and flashy sentences that make a long company introduction should be avoided.
• There should be no grammatical errors, your writing should be in integrity.
• Signs such as smiles, smilies and exclamations should not be used as they may cause differences in meaning between cultures.
• There should not be capital letters and colored spelling.
• If you send a catalog, etc. in the mail. If an attachment is sent, it must be specified in the article.
• The first mail should not contain price and payment information.
• Care should be taken, as sloppy typed e-mail can end the trade before it starts.
• In correspondence, even if there is a late reply, the information that the e-mail has been received and will be answered should be given. This shows that you are always online and reliable.
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