Introduction to International Trade : What is HS CODE?

Introduction to International Trade : What is HS CODE?

When we took our first step into international trade, a system called Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS Code) is used to classify and name the products to be imported and exported according to international standards.

HS CODE, with its full name, Harmonized Tariff Schedule is an international numbering system developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) for the classification and grouping of goods in international trade.

HS CODE can be simply defined as the identity numbers of the citizens in their belongings. These codes may differ by country.

This system not only provides convenience in transportation systems, but also ensures that customs procedures and taxation systems continue in an orderly structure.

Each product is identified with a 12-digit code. The first 6 digits of this code are in international standards and are the same all over the world. 6. The items that come after the number vary according to the use and conditions of the country where the product is located.

* First 4 Digits: Item Position Number
* First 6 Digits: Harmonized System Nomenclature code used by all countries that are members of the World Customs Organization.
* 7-8. Numbers: Combined Nomenclature code used by European Union countries
* 9-10. Figures: codes showing positions opened due to different tax practices
* 11-12. Numbers: show Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HS CODE) codes.

Product taxation, requested document scanning and target market determination studies are carried out on the product's HS CODE.
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