intdealers Suggestions for Efficient Use of your Ads

intdealers Suggestions for Efficient Use of your Ads

intdealers sales team so far has provided many valuable leading brands of obtaining the benefits of joining the platform. Among these brands, there are also some of the niche sectors that we often hear, whose reputation and brand value are high, although we do not hear much but they do a very valuable job and produce added value. To participate in platform and increase your export power, it is only required the products you produce or sell are qualified and high quality.
How can you get benefit from
First of all, you need to make sure which country and why you want to export and meet the criteria of this country. Then you can start the process by selecting the most suitable advertisement package online from and purchasing it. Intdealers packages include 30, 60, and 90 days broadcast time options. The 30-day package platform is a good option to try, but we recommend 60- and 90-day packages to create awareness and keep applicants coming. If you want to broadcast to a difficult country, you should definitely choose the 90-day package; You should proceed steadily with the proceeding packages by observing the process and reports.
Continuity is essential in communication
You know, the longer you communicate and advertise, the more remembered, known and demandable you become as a brand. Of course, resources are limited, you need to buy the most effective communication services wisely as soon as possible. If you already have a digital advertising agency with which you are already working, it is easier to decide which package to choose because you already have mastery of digital advertising processes. In fact, you can predict how useful it is to run A / B testing by launching ads for multiple countries at the same time. Our brands, which broadcast in more than one country in the same month, at the same time, extend the publication with the most efficiency through rational decisions and guarantee success.
After selecting your country and package, the most important point is to fill out our brief form as detailed as possible. Because we should show your ad to the ones who is most likely to be interested in your ad, not everyone. In other words, we can target all the information of your target audience “age, gender, educational background, income group, profession, hobbies, affiliated companies, company, title etc. brief that you will specify in the brief form. When we reach a sufficient impression size, it's time for your ad designs. We create your ads in many different sizes, one by one for each medium, but we only use images of your brand and send them to the publication without taking any initiative. Because we respect the rules of your corporate identity and know that you have value.
After this intensive preparation process, we start your publications, send detailed reports of your publications every week and try to help you make sense of the figures. At the end of each month, it will work with you to produce a more comprehensive report; we'll take your feedbacks and make optimizations to posts.
You can ask for sample ad designs and report from your intdealers sales consultant, and you can anticipate what kind of presentation you will get involved with before you go online.
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