intdealers Sales Team met with 2340 Export Officials in 2019!

intdealers Sales Team met with 2340 Export Officials in 2019!

We know that you work hard all year round to export to more countries or to increase the number of customers in the country you are exporting to, try different methods with important budgets and sometimes event try to find the most qualified channel through trial and error.
The intdealers sales team met with 2340 export officials from 30 different sectors, 1500 different companies in 2019. These officials are responsible for the country, director, director, assistant manager, consultant, expert etc. Although they have different titles, all of them had the same goal: to increase the export of their brands.
The focus of these meetings of the intdealers sales team is always to learn the needs and desires of the brands in the field of export and to contribute to their success by providing services with the most appropriate options. As the interviews progress, questions about the basic need increase, critical points deepen, and as you ask the right questions, the course of the solution is spontaneously formed by the intdealers.
Let's look at the questions first, what are these questions?
* Which country does the brand want to enter?
* Does the brand meet the market entry criteria for new countries?
* Does the brand have buyers and investors in these countries and what is its potential?
* Or how to reach prospective investors who will increase exports in one or more countries?
Export officials of the brands interviewed already have detailed research, travel, trade fair attendance, delegation meetings, bilateral meetings, etc. to clarify the answers to these questions It may have made an intensive effort and budget for the whole process. If the results he obtained are not heartwarming, he spends his time, labor and cost unfortunately it is written down to the negative.
The intdealers sales team can begin to produce solutions within days, even when only the first question is answered. Because now there's artificial intelligence!
Exporters are smiling at the intdealers' side, which is also known as learning machine learning, which is used to reach the “relevant” “target audience anywhere in the world. Because they achieve their goals in less time and with less effort. The trick is to make broadcasts as stable and as long as possible, with regular optimization to ensure the audience and interests.
Read more about the learning “Machine Learning” process at our next post.
We wish you a new year full of success.
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